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3 Things Fatherhood Has Taught Me

1. Slow Down

What does it truly mean to slow down? Well, since our world has been halted by a global pandemic, we have been forced to slow down. No more rush hour traffic, no in person meetings, no networking events you feel you can’t miss. So then what do you do? You stop, you assess and figure out what is most important.

For me being able to spend all my days with my baby girl has truly been a blessing. I have been able to see her crawl, walk, and now start to talk. I remember as a kid my dad working and traveling so much we would go to the airport just to say hello before he was off to another city, another meeting. Slowing down to take in these moments that you can’t replace is truly something I will never forget.

2. Joy

I mean, how do you not smile and feel happy when you see your child smiling back at you. To think my wife and I created this human being, this little miracle and to see her so happy just by lifting her in the air. This right here brings me so much joy to my life. 

I recommend in the midst of what can seem like the world on fire (like most of the West Coast) or division amongst family, friends and nations, just take a moment to look in the eyes of your kids or someone you love. When you see them smile back, soak it in, hold them tight and just enjoy each other’s company.

3. Patience

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