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Just Another Manic Monday Series – Volume 1

What is the Manic Monday Series and why should you care? Let me tell you. Life can be fucking crazy, hard and it can all feel so overwhelming. So how do we handle when sometimes we want life to stop and give us a break, yet the minutes and hours continue to tick by. I will start off this week’s series sharing some of my struggles from last week and how I pushed through. Because what happens on Instagram where most of you follow us, can be very different than real life. And I believe it is ok to share both because that is what makes us more caring and compassionate humans, not just social media like machines.


So about a month ago, I began having lower back pain. Run of the mill, getting old, morning back pain. I thought maybe it was from sleeping in a bad bed, driving or sitting at work too much. As the weeks went by, it didn’t get better, actually started to get worse. I was getting concerned because my wife is nearing the halfway point of her pregnancy and I need to be in tip top condition to help her and also the baby when she arrives. So I made a Doctors appointment about two weeks ago – blood test, CT scan, the whole thing. I got the results back a week and half ago and everything came back negative, can’t seem to find the problem.

So last week rolls around and I am doing everything, epsom salt baths, cutting out coffee, massage, PT, foam rolling and BAM every morning became a struggle to get out of bed and walk. Pictured above was me just trying to walk back from the bathroom. Excruciating pain, but no answer for the pain. I wanted life to stop for a moment, let me find the problem so I can get better. But it doesn’t work like that, we then discovered a leak on our roof, working was chasing me with deadlines and then I got a head a cold on Friday. When it rains, it pours!

But here we are just another manic Monday and the roof leak is still there and my back still hurts, but I have a loving wife and a baby on the way. I don’t have all the answers, but I continue to wake up and to attempt to smile because today could be the day things get better. At one point last year, we had a plumbing issue and a bathroom out of commish and now today it is new and working. I will have to show the photos of our new look bathroom soon. So it passed, we made it through and continued on.

I want this series to be an inspiration for you, but also a place where we can share what we are going through. Make it more of a dialogue, than just us talking at you. So hit me on IG, send me a DM or comment below. Let me know what you are struggling with or if you have found a breakthrough or if you have also dealt with back pain. Because I’m sure it may help someone besides just me.

My Inspiration – Marlene Martinez 19 weeks!

Thank you all and let’s make it a great week!


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