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6 Factors to Consider When Buying House-Hunting for the Perfect Home

Buying a house is a big decision. It will be one of the fundamental investments you will ever make, for starters. Additionally, that house will be your home – it is where you will live, raise a family, and create life-long memories with your family. Everything should be perfect, ideally. 

A home is more than just a house – it is everything that the house has to offer. Here is an overview of six factors to consider when looking for the perfect residence to make a home: 


The location of your house has a lot of implications on your living conditions. For example, some communities get associated with high costs of living. Others have exponential crime levels. Additionally, some locations are known for their steady real estate market prices, guaranteeing the homeowner’s investment. 

The location of your house should be enabled for your lifestyle, ideally. It should be safe. It should also be close to your workplace and the kids’ schools, ideally. There are lots of factors at play here, so take your time picking out the ideal location. 

Overall Design & Style 

What vision do you have of your house? Would you like a luxurious living space like the seri maya condominiums, or would you prefer the contemporary single-family residence? 

Different house designs and styles have far-reaching implications for your lifestyle. For example, a condominium is ideal for individuals or couples without kids, while a single-family house is ideal for families. Your needs and preferences should determine the building you buy or rent. 

Besides the overall design, the house’s style should be appealing to your decorative preferences. Everything about the apartment/ mansion should make it feel like home even before you move in. 

Size & Space 

Space is perhaps the essential factor in determining a property’s value. Real estate agents price their properties per square foot because every inch matters. 

Your chosen house should offer as much space as you need, ideally. You can always do with more space than you need (you will eventually find some use for it), but it is not advisable to move into a house with insufficient space (unless compelled to do so). 

So, does your house have as many bedrooms as you have kids and guests? Will you need to rent a storage unit because your stuff cannot fit into the available space? Again: ensure that you have as much space as you need. 

Local Infrastructure 

The local infrastructure is just as fundamental as every feature in your house. For example, it doesn’t make sense to live in a posh house if the roads are impassable. It also isn’t reasonable to live in luxury when you are miles away from essential infrastructures such as shopping malls, hospitals, and schools. 

To this end, the available infrastructure will be a dominant determinant of your overall lifestyle. As such, pick a house surrounded by good-quality infrastructure. Some of the elements to consider include schools, shopping malls, restaurants, markets, parks, and everything you picture in a perfect life. 

Maintenance Requirements 

A house develops complications from time to time. For example, the sink gets clogged and requires fixing every once in a while. The floor may also start squealing after some time. This depreciation is normal, but it shouldn’t be frequent – in fact, you shouldn’t have to lift a finger to fix anything within the first few years of moving in. 

Your desired house should have everything in proper working condition before you move in. Alternatively, you can buy a residence that requires some renovation for a lower price than the market standard if you don’t mind doing some handy work. 


Buying a house is a substantial investment for many people. It will take a chunky bite out of your finances, and it may leave you financially indebted with mortgages that will take years to finance. As such, be careful about how you make your financial decisions. 

Try to live in a house that you can afford – everyone would like to live like a noble, but not everyone can afford it, sadly. Additionally, ensure that the home is worth every dollar – the price should be better than the industry standard, ideally. Last but not least, take advantage of all opportunities to save money and ease a bit of pressure off your finances. 

Final Thoughts 

Your home should be as comfortable and convenient as you desire. To this end, your next house should be just ideal for your needs and preferences. These are some of the most important factors to consider in any residential property. 

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