Winter Layering

When it comes to layering, don’t let fashion rules control what you can and can’t do. Who says the jacket has to be the outer most layer, why not wear a flannel over, as seen below. If it’s cold out there, why not wear two sweaters? Is it possible to wear two button down’s, if the colors complement each other and the fabric’s vary, but stay within the same season, then do it. My one suggestion is don’t over do it, there is such a thing is too many layers. Too many layers can make you look bulky and unless you are trying to get back at your roommate, keep the layers to no more than three long sleeved items. Below are 7 ways to layer this season.

LOOK 1 – Sweater over a button up

denim, tee, bradley mountain

denim jacket, tee, beats by Dre

LOOK 2 – Jacket with a tee

LOOK 3 – Jacket over a button up or flannel

jacket, sweater, flexon

corduroy, sport coat, layering

camera, sport coat, outlined cloth, menswear, fashion

LOOK 4 – Sport coat over a sweater

denim, freenote cloth

LOOK 5 – Flannel over a denim jacket

LOOK 6 – Sweater over a sweater

LOOK 7 – Three layers MAX

Too many layers.


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