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2019 Resolutions and Goals


It’s the start of a new year which means it’s time to set resolutions and new goals for yourself. Dream big, dream the impossible and then put in the work to achieve it. Don’t forget to write them down. You become 42% more likely to achieve your goals and dreams, simply by writing them down on a regular basis.

As I begin to set goals each year, I am always reminded of what I wanted to achieve as a kid growing up. From the suburbs of Denver, this Colorado kid dreamed of playing basketball. Being in the NBA like my heroes I had watched on TV. I would practice and practice in hopes to one day play college ball and then onto professional. 

Devin, 3, leading the fast break
White Men Can Jump, circa 1996

Failure Happens

But just because you dream big and even put in the work, does not mean all of your goals will come to fruition. I never made it to the NBA, in fact never played college ball (unless you count the time I was on the practice squad for the University of Colorado women’s basketball team). So does that mean I failed to achieve my dreams? Yes, but does that mean I am a failure? NO!

So why talk about failures when the beginning of the year is the time to start fresh and achieve anything you put your mind to? Well, because we don’t always talk about failure, it’s not a fun topic, but with big dreams, failures are inevitable. They teach us to manage our expectations and redirect a dream or a goal in order to set a new one. Failure is far more satisfying than regret. 

Although, I still love to play basketball, I knew I had to set new dreams for my life. I loved performing, so I moved to California to pursue an acting career and found my true love for behind the camera. I now find myself as a producer on the reality TV show Bar Rescue, and have had the opportunity to work on other shows as well. All because I didn’t stop dreaming and believing, but kept pursuing things I loved and altering my course with each failure. Creating this blog and getting the chance to work with some amazing brands has also been a dream of mine and I may never had the chance if I didn’t begin to apply new goals to my life.

Along with finding a career I love, I also met my beautiful wife, Marlene Martinez, because I changed course with a positive attitude. Now, we are expecting our first child this summer. (I will discuss more in a later blog our pregnancy journey and how husband’s can be a great support to your wives.) 

This year, I’m not saying don’t set goals and lofty dreams for the new year. Do it. At the start of 2013, my resolution for the year was to meet my future wife, get better at photography and I did just that. What I am saying is, be ok with changing plans and directions for your life, as long as you never give up and keep moving forward.

It’s not always what happens to you, but how you handle it.

My 2013 Goals


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