Outlined Cloth

Joshua Tree

We found ourselves in the desert recently to attend Desert & Denim a raucous tradeshow showcasing menswear brands from across the country. This was our first trip to Joshua Tree and we were amazed by its vast beauty. The desert floor, sprouting with Joshua Trees throughout reaching up to the blue, blue sky. I could wander these parts for hours, but only had a few days. We stayed in an Airbnb, close to the National Park or you can camp in the desert, which I plan to do on our next trip.

So this may have been our first trip here, but definitely not our last.

His: Bridge & Burn jacket | Crawford & Denim tee shirt | Freenote Cloth Rios denim | Red Wing 875 boots

Hers: Yellow 108 Luke Fedora | Crawford & Denim cropped top | Imogene & Willie black Elizabeth Davenport jeans | Fiorentini & Baker boots

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