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Top 5 Items for your Baby Registry

This past weekend, we celebrated our baby girl for the first time with friends and family. Leading up to the shower, most of the planning was in putting together the registry. So, we are here to alleviate the stress and help you have a great baby shower.

For our shower, we decided to give little candles for everyone to light when baby comes into this world. We also had fun prediction cards for our guests to fill out. 

You can also add games like ‘Don’t Say the Word Baby’ or ‘How Big is Mama’s Belly’ and the winner gets a prize. We had our guests write fun little messages on diapers, that way when we are super tired and changing baby we can have a chuckle seeing a note that reads “This Poo Shall Pass…” 

The registry itself can be very overwhelming! Nowadays, we are inundated with so many options and will most likely end up with stuff we don’t really need or only use once or twice. We decided on Babylist for our registry, that way we could pick and choose exactly what we wanted. You can put anything from any store onto your registry. I added the app and was able to link up from any website when I found something I liked- even Etsy! Babylist also compares prices for your guests and shows them different stores where the items might be stocked.

If you choose, you can start a cash fund for college, a doula, diapers, or adoption with Babylist! It’s a great way to set aside money for what you need and especially if you don’t know where to begin. Babylist will charge a credit card fee for each contribution so it’s not taken out of your pocket.

Be prepared: you will get a lot of clothes! It’s just a fun cheap option for people, so try to stick to basics when you are buying for yourself.

Here are our TOP 5 BABY REGISTRY items not to forget:

1. Stroller

Finding a stroller can also be a daunting task. Many swear by the Babyzen Yoyo Stroller as it is easy to commute and pack with – including air travel. Honestly, a simple umbrella stroller will probably do the trick after they are old enough to be sitting up (about 6 months). However, we decided to go with the Cadillac of strollers: The Uppa Baby Vista. This has all the bells and whistles and is great for transitioning baby from the bassinet to a seat. It’s sleek, light, easy to fold and comes in an array of different colors. Plus, there are adaptors if you have a car seat from another company.

 2. Car Seat

The right car seat might depend on the type of car you have and ease of installation. We were gifted the Nuna Pipa and after reading safety reviews decided this was the one for us. PLUS, it also attaches to the Uppa Baby Stroller with adapters! Don’t forget to install the car seat before baby is born! After all, she will be coming home with you when you leave the hospital. You can also find a National CPS technician to walk you through proper installation. 

Note: You should not accept an old car seat you don’t know the history of and never buy a used one. Make sure if you accept a used one, it is relatively new with no recalls and has not been in any accidents. 


3. Babylist Bottle Box

Whether you are planning to breast feed or not, having the right bottle is key for your baby! Some will take a bottle no fuss no muss, but others might be a little picky and you end up with more bottles than you know what to do with. Babylist Bottle Box offers the five most popular bottles and a $25 gift card so you can wait to decide which bottle baby prefers! Uh oh – we are getting her used to the sweet life…

4. Monitor

Gone are the days of tiptoeing into the baby room – now you can keep a watchful eye on baby right from your own bed! Make sure the monitor you choose works in the range of your whole house before you throw out any boxes. Many love the Motorola MBP36XL Video Monitor with its 1,000 foot range with no wifi needed. Great for travel and seems dependable!

A more advanced option is the Nanit Nanit Plus Smart Baby Monitor and Wall Mount. This one connects to your phone and Amazon Alexa offering sleep analytics and coaching tips. It works even if you are away from home but requires wifi. Keep in mind it needs to be mounted to the wall (or you can buy a separate $50 stand) Also, the insights are part of a subscription based program costing about $100 after the first year trial.

5. Honest Gift Card

The perfect gift if you don’t want to be holding onto diapers and wipes for a whole baby army. This way you can set up a subscription based delivery that sends you exactly what you need when you need it! Not to mention they have a slew of products to choose from. From home essentials to gorgeous clean beauty. Safe effective products that work for baby, mama, and the entire house!

Still not sure where to start? Click here for a complete Layette List downloadable PDF ! –> Layette List


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