Winter with Tommy John’s

I recently took a trip to Estes Park, Colorado with a group of California kids to experience a little winter. We just missed the blizzard that enveloped the state and the mountains. As customary to Colorado, the weather had shifted and warmed up by the time we arrived the first weekend in March. We still had snow under our feet and the cold on our faces, but we missed out on snowflakes falling from the sky. Instead the sun was out, in its early stages of melting the snow and readying itself for spring.

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Armed with gear from Tommy John, we set about exploring the Rockies. Our first layer and the most important is boxers. We guys don’t always like to think about or shop for underwear, but let’s be honest, bad and uncomfortable undies can ruin your whole day. Hiking in the great outdoors is the last place you want to be have bunching or riding drawers, so we suited up with the Air Icon Boxer Briefs

To cushion our feet, we took the Performance socks for a test and they held up, keeping our feet warm and dry. In addition, we sported the Performance Tech zip-up, which was a great layering piece for the cold and wind. This lightweight, yet breathable zip-up was great as the first layer underneath a flannel and down jacket. Not having to worry about the essential garments, made for a more enjoyable adventure in the Rocky Mountain state.

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