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Finding your Personal Fashion Style

Many people would argue that a person’s fashion choice reflects their true self. While this is somewhat true for both men and women, it shouldn’t have to be a tedious process! As a man, it’s important to remember that reinventing your style with a new wardrobe doesn’t mean putting certain clothes off limits; it’s all about having fun and feeling your best. In this post, I’ll offer a few key pointers to guide you in the right direction of discovering your personal fashion choice. 


You probably saw this one coming – experiment, experiment, experiment! It’s just as impossible to imagine a world where everyone wears the same dull outfit, as it is to imagine everyone looking great in the same thing. The key takeaway here is that you’ll never know what suits you best and what makes you feel most confident if you don’t step out of your comfort zone and experiment with new styles. This can mean trying bolder colors, different fits, or maybe taking a completely new approach to fashion, like trying out the vintage look. If you’ve recently had a vintage watch repair, put this classic accessory to use and don’t be afraid to go thrifting to channel your inner old-school self. 

Don’t Compare Yourself

As mentioned, we’d be living in a very bland world if everyone could pull off the same outfit and look good. What fits one person well may not fit the same on you, and that’s completely fine. Whether this by result of your own biased opinion of your own appearance or because of the comfort of the fit, you shouldn’t have to argue with yourself as to why a certain look doesn’t meet your personal expectations. Drawing from the experimentation point, finding your personal style boils down to finding what makes you feel and look your best on an individual level, and the best way to do this is by avoiding comparing yourself with others. Finding a piece that you can latch onto like for me I love Hawaiian shirts. But it doesn’t have to be your Father-in Laws oversized Hawaiian shirt, many brands are making updated, stylish shirts that you can wear and not feel like a tourist.

Take Inspiration from Yourself 

It may sound slightly counterintuitive, but there’s no better way to discover your own personal style than reflecting back on your previous looks. Cast your mind back to outfits in the past that you’ve felt most confident in, or have a scroll on your social media platforms at tagged pictures of yourself. Ask yourself questions like: “What aspects of my outfits do I want to change?” or “What can I take from my previous style to my new?” Take note of these things and you’ll be able to draw inspiration from the smallest of details, like certain colours, shapes, and lengths.

And lastly, have fun with your style. Especially during these times when there is no need to stress to impress.

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