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3 Simple Ways To Embrace Outdoor Living

The era of coronavirus has seen our world change immeasurably in just a few short months. At the beginning of 2020, you were probably looking forward to your annual summer vacation, getting that promotion at work, or saving up to get some new clothes for your wardrobe. Fast forward five months and your priorities may have shifted. We now spend hours on end in our homes with the only respite getting outside for a bit. The outdoors has become a sanctuary to many young families who have enjoyed their gardens and walks around the neighborhood more than ever. If you are keen to embrace a more outdoor lifestyle with your young brood, take a look at how you can achieve this with ease.

Head To The Coast

The best way to embrace outdoor living is to head to the beach. While you might have to maintain social distancing, you can still enjoy going with pals or family members. Bring food and picnic on beach as the the kids are paddling in the sea, and you are chilling out with a wood tip from Cheap Little Cigars is bliss. Positive mental well being and quality family time have overtaken the need for a promotion and working all hours in your hierarchy of priorities. The coast and sea air will enable you to soak up more Vitamin D, helping to release your happy hormone, dopamine. Keeping a positive frame of mind is crucial during these coronavirus days.


If you are keen to shift some of the pounds that you may have put on during lockdown, it’s time to head outdoors with your running shoes. Going for a jog will be a great way of building up your cardio fitness. If you aren’t much of a runner, you could go for a cycle ride or a walk in your local National Park. Exercise is a wonderful way of embracing outdoor living because it will turn into an addictive hobby. You can even involve your whole family by taking a jaunt to a local nature reserve. Getting active is easy to do outdoors as the pleasant summer weather will help motivate you to stay on your feet and less sedentary.

Get Some Outdoor Style

Heading outdoors and going for a hike across a hillside isn’t for the faint-hearted. You need to be prepared. Forget about wearing your designer loafers, swanky blazer, and finest tailored trousers. Instead, you need to get kitted out in some outdoor gear. Fashion encompasses many styles including outdoor living. Plaid shirts, braces, and lumberjack jeans with some waterproof essentials are perfect. Match these with a beanie if the weather is chilly alongside a tartan scarf. Don’t neglect your footwear. Sneakers simply aren’t going cut it on rugged ground so investigate walking boots that support the ankle. You can kit out the whole family this way. Head to a sports shop or outdoor specialist and ensure you spend your money on some decent gear. Walking poles and front-loading backpacks are also ideal for more adventurous treks.

Follow this guide and you will soon be enjoying outdoor living during these coronavirus days and beyond.

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