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How to Make Vintage Work For You

Never Go Full Vintage

Some of us have a love/hate relationship with vintage clothing. We love the look of a piece, but sometimes the fit is way off.¬†So how can a guy pull this look off? The first thing I suggest is, don’t go full vintage. You never go full vintage. Choose a shirt or a pair of pants and then pair them with a modern piece. This way you look stylish without looking like a character straight off a movie set. If that is the look you are going for then full vintage uniform it is.

Pictured here, I snagged a pair of vintage polyester trousers at my local thrift shop and paired it with a mod style, but modern polo. This shirt is from my friends at Madcap England. For more Madcap looks, check out my previous post.


One issue I know for myself I run into with vintage pieces is they never quite fit right. So what I recommend for pants is find a piece you like that fits well in the the leg, but don’t worry if the waist is too big or the inseam too long, those are fixable. Once you lock that in, then take them to a tailor. I was lucky with these pants to only have them adjusted in the waist, the length was just long enough to show off a little ankle, but not too much. When it comes to shirting again bigger is better because you can fix that. I wouldn’t recommend buying a tight fitting shirt thinking it will stretch. Because although you tell yourself it will, it probably won’t, so keep looking.

Where to Buy

The last tip is finding smaller thrift shops for a better price. The big city thrifts can get pricey, I like sticking to Goodwill and Salvation Army stores. Typically they have a broader inventory which requires more work on your end, but you can snag some unique pieces. Also look for special discount days, like half-off Tuesday. The pants above, I grabbed for $4, add $20 for tailoring and this is a steal of a deal for a pair of pants under $25.

Hope these tips help, now hit up your local thirst shop or Goodwill and find some pieces that fit your style.

Photos by the talented @datpielife


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